Aside 12 Apr

Hello All,

If you have found your way here…congrats! But, you are not in the right place.  We decided to move…we have our own domain name and new fangled website to accommodate your cake and cookie order needs…    it will serve you so much better.  Also, our contact info is now 603 566-9894 or you can email us at You are seconds away from reaching the place you really want to be!


Onesie cookies for twins baby shower

16 Sep

Onesie cookies for twins baby shower

Awesome Win

17 Jan

This weekend the New England Patriots were in their first playoff game against the Denver Broncos. The Patriots won in a decisive and dominating victory winning that game 45-10.  We went to my sister’s for a little gathering to watch the game and I brought dessert!  A football field cake with each team on either side.  Yellow cake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting.   It was delish and we enjoyed eating the Bronco side of the cake first.  Now, New England advanced to the next game…the AFC Championship game this weeks cake will feature the Patriots and the Ravens….should be interesting.


10 Jan

A Whole Year!

Wow.  A whole year has gone by since I started on this incredible adventure! I cant believe it! It seems so sureal to me to be doing this thing that I love and am so passionate about and that it seems to be moving in a successful and positive direction!  I have lots of new pictures to post and lots of cool stuff happening and coming up in the near future!  So many exciting and wonderful changes its like a whirlwind! We had added cake balls to our menu of offering.  These cake pops and arrangements can be purchased in arrangements, dozens and without sticks.  Our cake pops are uniques as they are baked not molded with frosting and can be ordered with surprise fillings like peanut butter, mint and chocolate!  So without further ado here are some of my latest creations.  Please remember to get your Valentine ‘s Day orders in EARLY!!!!

Where have I been?

6 Sep

I haven’t left the country.  I didnt stop baking.  I am waiting patiently to launch the new website and post more on facebook than here.  I have been baking alot lately and am playing catch up here on the website.  In the past several months I have made several cakes….including getting tricked into making my own 40th birthday cake!  I have sneaky sisters!  Lots of cookies so without further ado here are all the things I have been busy with since April.  On the business front I officially own So Sweet Confections!  My own trade name! Very exciting!  Enjoy the pictures of these treats and get those orders in for Halloween and Thanksgiving early!  Thanks for all the support!

Inspiration Cookies

16 Apr

“Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars! ” The kids from The Dance Company New Hampshire competed in the Dancexplosion competition.  

I thought it would be great to give them some sweet cookie inspiration.  A director friend of mine uses that quote in all of her emails and I just found it so appropriate.  

They did shoot for the moon and each and ever one of them is a star!  Way to go DCNH!

Recently I got an order for fish cookies.

The birthday boy did

not like cake but LOVES sugar cookies

and loves fish so to work I went creating 3 dozen cookies shaped like fish.

Check them out!

Birthdays and Welcomes

14 Mar

This weekend I had two cake orders.  These orders couldn’t have been more different. The first cake which was my first official order as So Sweet Confections was for a friends sisters birthday. She wanted a cake that was a tribute to her sisters love for gardening and her favorite color purple. 

I had a few ideas and sent her some visuals to look at.  I am so pleased with the way this cake turned out.  She was very happy.  I hope her sister liked it just as much. 

The second cake was for a 10-year-old boy who loves all things military.  So I looked around and this cake is what I came up with. 

The fun thing about this cake is that when the birthday boy cut into it the inside was camoflauge. How fun is that!!!   I hope Jake and the rest of his “soldiers” enjoyed his birthday and his cake. 

And lastly, is the order for the Welcome to the neighborhood cookie arrangement for a local dentist from another local dentist.  Thank you Ally from Dr. Todd’s office for the order…I hope you like what I came up with. 

Now on to the week and what ever new orders it brings!